Solemn statements
The IUAM is a nonprofit professional academic society that never collects any membership fee, nor does it engage in any commercial or advertising activities, nor does it engage in academic activities unrelated to academic or academic purposes. All activities are conducted under the guidance of relevant local authorities get on and all financial issues would be annually subject to the strict audit by the local authorities involved. Hereby declare!

Honorary secretary-general
David R Tyler (University of Oregon, USA; email:
◇ Charles J and M Monteith Jacobs Professor, University of Oregon
◇ Member, Materials Science Institute
◇ Fellow, Alfred P. Sloan Fellow
◇ Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science

Sergey A Piletsky (University of Leicester, UK; email:
◇ Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Leicester, UK
◇ Editor-in-Chief, Journal of the Chinese Advanced Materials Society (Taylor & Francis)
◇ Chairman, the 2nd International Congress on Advanced Materials

Executive secretary-general
Marty Zeldin (University of Richmond, USA; email:
◇ co-Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials (Springer)
◇ Visiting professor, University of Richmond
◇ Secretary-general, International Congress on Advanced Materials

Peter A Lieberzeit (University of Vienna, Austria; email:
◇ Professor, University of Vienna
◇ Associate Editor, Monatshefte für Chemie - Chemical Monthly

Deputy secretary-general
Shunsheng Cao (Jiangsu University, China; email:
◇ Secretary-general, 2nd International Congress on Advanced Materials
◇ Marie Curie Fellow, European Union
◇ Professor, Jiangsu University
◇ Foreign researcher, Cranfield University

Ajay K Mishra (University of South Africa, South Africa; email:
◇ Professor, University of South Africa
◇ Associate Editor, Journal of the Chinese Advanced Materials Society

Ibtisam E Tothill (Cranfield University, UK; email:
Haiyan Ji (Jiangsu University, China; email:
Shuping Wu (Jiangsu University, Email:

Legal counsel
Xuejian Wang (Zhenjiang Wang Xuejian Law Office, Email:
◇ Senior lawyer
◇ First-grade lawyer to Jiangsu Province
◇ Director, Zhenjiang Wang Xuejian Law Office