Ancient tomb unearthed in N China shows affluence of Tang Dynasty

Adopted from People's Daily Online, April 10, 2015

An ancient tomb from China's Tang Dynasty (618-907)has recently been discovered in Xian county in Cangzhou, north China's Hebeiprovince (Photo/Xinhua).

The tomb, in which one male and two females wereburied, goes 2 meters below the ground surface. It is constructed of bricks andconsists of a stairway, a door, a corridor and a circular chamber.

According to Zheng Zhili, a staff member of Cangzhou'sBureau of Cultural Relics, the artifacts found in the tomb - including atri-colored pot, a white porcelain bowl, a grey pottery plate and a blackglazed lamp - reflect the affluence enjoyed by the people living in the TangDynasty.