About the disciplinary direction in Materials Science & Engineering, Jiangsu University

Biomimetic Polymer Science

The "Biomimetic Polymer Science" (BPS), one of disciplinary directions in Materials Science & Engineering of the Jiangsu University, is an internationally recognized center of excellence in biomimetic polymers. The major research in the BPS encircles the subject of biomimetic polymers. The research program in the BPS will also include smart polymers and functional materials. The objective of the BPS is to perform innovative research in polymer science and to train high-level researchers, acting as impetus for the development of materials science in China and worldwide. Consisting of outstanding scientists, professional researchers and devoted educators, the BPS welcomes worldwide researchers who have the ambition to pursue a Master or PhD degree in China to join!

Major activities sponsored by the BPS will include: (1) conducting scientific research in polymers, (2) presenting undergraduate, Master or PhD courses, and (3) training high-level researchers. The BPS will also act occasionally as a bridge to promote the cooperation and exchange between the School and outsides, including domestic and oversea counterparts or peer.

Led by Prof. Songjun Li, the distinguished professor in polymers and the current president of the Chinese Advanced Materials Society, the BPS is also becoming a world-class platform for academic discussion and communication. In 2009, Prof. Li was awarded "Marie Curie Fellowship" by European Union, followed by Dr. Shunsheng Cao's admission in 2011. Prof. Li and his team founded the International Congress on Advanced Materials in 2011, with the first one (AM2011) summoned on 13-16 May 2011 in Jinan (China), followed by the 2nd one of its kind (AM2013), which took place in Zhenjiang (16-19 May 2013) and has been proven to be a great success. The scientific program has involved 600-plus worldwide participants, 700 manuscripts and 315 abstracts. Prof. Li and his team further founded the Journal of the Chinese Advanced Materials Society in 2013, which is being published by the prestigious Taylor & Francis.

As an open and developing disciplinary direction, the BPS is rapidly going forward and positively involving in innovative research in polymer science and training high-level researchers, vigorously promoting the development of materials science in China and worldwide!