Title 1: A dynamic electrode for selective determination of cobalt(II) in solution

Authors: D. S. Tyagi & Arpit Singh

pages 177-187


Published online: 10 Sep 2013

Title 2: TiO2 nanotubes/ZnO/CdS ternary nanocomposites: preparation, characterization and photocatalysis

Authors: Chan Lin, Yang Song, Lixin Cao & Shaowei Chen
pages 188-199


Published online: 26 Sep 2013

Title 3: Mass sensitive multi-sensor platform for receptor screening and quantification purposes

Authors: Naseer Iqbal, Ghulam Mustafa & Peter A Lieberzeit
pages 200-209


Published online: 13 Sep 2013

Title 4: Preparation of poly ferric sulfate and the application in micro-polluted raw water treatment

Authors: Chang Liu, Yan He, Fengting Li & Hongtao Wang
pages 210-218


Published online: 26 Sep 2013

Title 5: Strontium oxide quantum dot decorated graphene composites for liquid petroleum gas sensing

Authors: Kailash R. Nemade & Sandeep A. Waghuley
pages 219-228


Published online: 26 Sep 2013

Title 6: Rational design and development of affinity adsorbents for analytical and biopharmaceutical applications

Authors: Elena Piletska, Joanne Kumire, Tetyana Sergeyeva & Sergey Piletsky
pages 229-244


Published online: 26 Sep 2013