Title 1: Atomistic simulation of the lattice constants and lattice vibrations in RCo2 and Nd1− x R x Co2 (R = rare earth)

Authors: Miao-hua Guo & Zhen-Feng Zhang
pages 81-89


Published online: 08 May 2013

Title 2: Synthesis and characterization of terbium oxide (III–IV) doped bismuth trioxide polymorphs

Authors: Esra Öztürk & Nilgun Ozpozan Kalaycioglu
pages 90-96


Published online: 10 May 2013

Title 3: The design and simulation research of three-dimensional isotropic left-handed metamaterials in the THz band

Authors: Liansheng Wang & Quanhong Fu
pages 97-104


Published online: 08 May 2013

Title 4: Study on synthesis of self-sharpening diamonds using powder catalyst capsule

Authors: Wangxi Zhang, Qiquan Li, Yanzhi Wang & Lei Liu
pages 105-110


Published online: 04 Jun 2013

Title 5: Aerodynamic model of spark discharge

Authors: Emil Pincik, Rudolf Hajossy & Robert Brunner
pages 111-120


Published online: 14 Jun 2013

Title 6: Chelate polymer compounds with bis(bidentate) ligand: synthesis, spectral, morphological and thermal degradation studies

Authors: Ratiram G. Chaudhary, Harjeet D. Juneja & Mangesh P. Gharpure
pages 121-133


Published online: 05 Jul 2013

Title 7: Synthesis of organoarsenic, organoantimony, and organobismuth poly(ether esters) from reaction with glycyrrhetinic acid and their preliminary activity against pancreatic cancer cell lines

Authors: Charles E. Carraher Jr, Ngoc Trang Caroline Truong, Michael R. Roner, Alisa Moric & Nancy T. Trang
pages 134-150


Published online: 25 Jun 2013

Title 8: Passivation of a-Si:H-based structures in KCN and HCN solutions and its application on p-i-n solar cell

Authors: Emil Pinčík, Hikaru Kobayashi, Masao Takahashi, Róbert Brunner & Stanislav Jurečka
pages 151-165


Published online: 17 Jun 2013

Title 9: Surface imprinted superparamagnetic nanoparticles for rapid and efficient extraction of bisphenol A from water samples

Authors: Yibin Liu, Xiaocui Zhu, Shanshan Wang & Meiping Zhao
pages 166-176