As per the Society for molecular imprinting, the 8th International Conference on Molecular imprinting-MIP2014 will take place in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province, China at the period of 18-21 Sept 2014. The conference will be hosted by Jiangsu University

About 600 researchers from across the world are expected to join the biggest MIP conference in the world. MIP2014 will bring together pioneer and renowned worldwide scientists and promising young researchers to meet and discuss issues of current innovation in the field of molecular imprinting

The conference will be chaired by the Society for molecular imprinting, which will welcome all the scientists for sharing and presenting their work and results during these four days. The program of the conference can be very intensive with an anticipated 200-plus oral presentations and discussions taking place, plus 150 poster presentations. The large number of presentations and discussions will be of great interest and inspiring to young scientists. The poster sessions can be an opportunity to exchange information and to get feedback on the latest research progress.

The conference site Zhenjiang is well known as the famous humanistic city in east China, which holds a 2500-year's history and has a splendid humanistic environment. The Jinshan Temple, a site originating the white-snake fairy tale, has received tourists as many as more than 400 million in the past decade. Many of tourists have left their tears behind when recalling the memory of the beautiful white-snake story. Some of them have also temporarily written their names in the inner wall of the template, in order to pay memorable tribute to their gods imagined and to envision a better perspective.

We look forward to the MIP2014 a successful and informative conference.

We expect that all participants can return to their home country with satisfaction.