Toast by Professor Xiaonong Cheng

The executive Chair for the 2nd International Congress on Advanced Materials

Good evening! Ladies and gentlemen,

The 2nd International Congress on Advanced Materials is already open today. On behalf of the Jiangsu University and our materials discipline, I wish to extend my warm welcome to all of you for support of this event. I would also like to express heartfelt thanks to those who contributed to the overall success of the conference.

The conference is indeed a grand event for our university and particularly our materials discipline. With more than 100-year's history, our university has been pursuing exchange and cooperation with outside, vigorously promoting the development of the materials discipline. The conference has help to brought together you guys, the prestigious materials scientists from different countries, ethnic groups and cultural backgrounds. It will undoubtedly provide us a valuable asset of pursuing progress, innovation, openness and harmony.

I expect that this conference will serve as a bridge for us to mutually learn the good research experience and to engage in academic exchanges and cooperation. In the coming two days, the congress will offer a platform to share our best practices and spread advanced ideas in the field of advanced materials. We will learn from each other, promoting the profile of this field in scientific community.

I believe the conference will add a new chapter to the annals of interactions and mutual learning in the history of advance materials!

I believe that the conference can be a great success!

Now, I would like to request all of you to raise your glasses and join me in a toast to the success of the congress!