The Chinese Advanced Materials Society is a formal academic organization established with the official approval. The Society, consisting of nationwide researchers, scientists and educators, is acting as an important impetus for the development of advanced materials. The Chinese Advanced Materials Society, one of prestigious academic organizations with a global fame in China, is the original sponsor of the International Union of Advanced Materials (IUAM) and the series AM conferences of the International Congress on Advanced Materials. The Society runs under the Constitution, laws, regulations and national policies, advocating social ethics. Inheriting Chinese culture, the major objective of the Society is to unite nationwide researchers, scientists and educators, serving to the social and economic development in China.

Major academic activities sponsored by the Society will include: (1) academic symposia, seminars, workshops, lectures, and conference, and in particular the International Congress of Advanced Materials and the Chinese Congress on Advanced Materials, (2) suggestion to businesses, institutions, consultation and decision-making agencies, by seeking help from well-known researchers, scientists and educators through academic exchanges, and (3) helping Chinese researchers to participate in worldwide symposia of advanced materials, seminars and international conferences, promulgating major achievements made in China, and vigorously pushing forward the pace of internationalization of Chinese advanced materials field.

The Chinese Advanced Materials Society is also the organization with a global prestige. The Society's flagship journal, i.e., Journal of the Chinese Advanced Materials Society (ISSN 2224-3682) is to be published by the prestigious Taylor & Francis. The 1st International Conference of Advanced Materials organized by the major members of the Society in 2011 has drawn 600-plus researchers and scientists from across the world. With Jiangsu University as the host, the 2nd International Congress on Advanced Materials (AM2013) is the further global conference proposed by the Chinese Advanced Materials Society, along with the International Union of Advanced Materials. The congress is being run unprecedentedly with 4 universities and/or laboratory as the joint organizer and 10 international journals as the publishing platform, which includes Jiangsu University, University of Jinan, State Key Laboratory of Bioreactor Engineering (East China University of Sciences and Technology), Hengyang Normal University, Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials (JIOPM; Springer), Monatshefte für Chemie - Chemical Monthly (CM; Springer), Journal of the Chinese Advanced Materials Society (JCAMS; Taylor & Francis), Journal of Energetic Materials (JEM; Taylor & Francis), Polymers & Polymer Composites (PPC; Smithers Rapra), Journal of Nano Research (JNanoR; Trans Tech), Current Organic Chemistry (COC; Bentham Science), Key Engineering Materials (KEM; Trans Tech), and The Open Electrochemistry Journal (TOEJ; Bentham Science), and American Journal of Environmental Science (AJES; Science publications).

As an open and developing academic organization, the Society is rapidly going forward under the guidance of scientific development theory. It will positively involve in a variety of international academics and activities, vigorously promoting the development of advanced materials in China.