Congress-relevant notice:

Please see the congress schedule, with respect to the time and venue of the congress and dining. Vouchers are needed for each meal except the welcoming reception. The vouchers overdue are not recognized as valid.

Urgent contacts:

Xinhua Yuan, Mobile: +86-13775549209

Jie Hu, Mobile: +86-13655294938

Fugeng Yang (Chinese), +86-13905280589

It is necessary for the conference delegate to follow the congress guide and is on time for each activity/communication. You can contact the mentioned names in the event that you cannot deliver your presentation on time or due to some urgent problems. Just remember to power off your mobile or keep it in the silent mode in the duration of meeting.

You will receive a name card (with your name) once your checkout and/or registration is completed in the reception desk. Please take your name card for everything involving in the congress, which will enable access to the conference site and conference-relevant places and/or rooms.

The official language of the congress is English only and not any simultaneous translation will be provided.

Please contact the reception of the hotel where you have selected

Please pay attention to the announcement at the venue for any new arrangement.

Appendix: Common Chinese Phrases

您好(nín hǎo)= hello

再见(zài jiàn)= Goodbye

谢谢(xìe xìe)= Thank you

不用谢(bù yòng xìe)= You are welcome

你会说英语吗?(nǐ hùi shūo yīng yǔ ma)= Do you speak English?

我不懂(wǒ bù dǒng)= I don’t understand.

你叫什么名字?(nǐ jiào shén me mǐng zì)= What is your name?

我叫……(wǒ jiào …)= My name is…

可以(kě yǐ)= OK

好的(hǎo de)=OK

多少钱?(duō shǎo qián)= How much is it?

1= yī 2=èr 3 =sǎn 4=sì 5= wǔ 6= liù 7= qī 8=bā 9=jiǔ 10= shí 11=shí yī 12=shí èr 20=èr shí 21=èr shī yí 22=èr shí er 30=sān shí 100=yī bǎi 115=yī bǎi yī shí wǔ 200=èr bǎi 1000=yī qiān 2000=èr qiān