About the 2nd International Congress on Advanced Materials

16-19 May 2013, Zhenjiang, China

The 2nd International Congress on Advanced Materials (AM2013), with Jiangsu University as the host at the period during 16-19 May 2013 (approved by Jiangsu-Province Government), is the global academic conference proposed by both the International Union of Advanced Materials and the Chinese Advanced Materials Society.

The congress, unprecedented with 4 universities and/or laboratory as the joint organizer and 9 mainstream journals as the publishing platform, is being jointly organized by Jiangsu University, University of Jinan, State Key Laboratory of Bioreactor Engineering (East China University of Sciences and Technology) and Hengyang Normal University, under the support of Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials (JIOPM; Springer), Monatshefte für Chemie-Chemical Monthly (CM; Springer), Journal of the Chinese Advanced Materials Society (JCAMS; Taylor & Francis), Journal of Energetic Materials (JEM; Taylor & Francis), Polymers & Polymer Composites (PPC; Smithers Rapra), Current Organic Chemistry (COC; Bentham Science), Key Engineering Materials (KEM; Trans Tech), and The Open Electrochemistry Journal (TOEJ; Bentham Science), and American Journal of Environmental Science (AJES; Science publications).

The congress is demonstrating itself prestigious in the field of Advanced Materials. As many as 1000 researchers and scientists from across the world are gaining access to the congress. All congress papers are subject to peer's reviewing and each of them will be published by one of these mentioned journals, basing on the contributors' willing and reviewing process. Major Sessions involving in the congress will include (but not limited to):

Nano Materials


Energetic Materials


Biomaterials and Tissues

Green Materials

Optical and Electronic Materials

Superconductive and Magnetic Materials

Structural and Constructional Materials