About IUAM

About IUAM

The International Union of Advanced Materials is a formal academic society with official registration (Registration No. 58620200-001). The Union, consisting of worldwide researchers, scientists and educators who are working in the field of advanced materials, is one of prestigious societies with the global fame. The Union is acting as important impetus for the development of worldwide advanced materials and runs under the constitutions, laws, regulations and national policies. Inheriting a variety of cultures, the major objective of the Union is to unite global researchers, scientists and educators, serving to the social and economic development worldwide.

Major academic activities sponsored by the Union will include: (1) academic symposia, seminars, workshops, lectures, and conference, and in particular the International Congress of Advanced Materials, (2) suggestion to businesses, institutions, consultation and decision-making agencies, by seeking help from well-known researchers, scientists and educators through academic exchanges, and (3) helping researchers to participate in symposia of advanced materials, seminars and international conferences, promulgating major achievements made worldwide, and vigorously pushing forward the pace of internationalization of advanced materials field.

The International Union of Advanced Materials is also the society with global prestige. The 1st International Congress on Advanced Materials organized by the key members of the Union in 2011 has drawn 600-plus researchers and scientists from across the world. With Jiangsu University as the host, the 2nd International Congress on Advanced Materials (AM2013) is the further global conference proposed by the International Union of Advanced Materials, along with the Chinese Advanced Materials Society. The congress is being run unprecedentedly with 4 universities and/or laboratory as the joint organizer and 8 mainstream journals as the publishing platform, which includes Jiangsu University, University of Jinan, State Key Laboratory of Bioreactor Engineering (East China University of Sciences and Technology), Hengyang Normal University, Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials (JIOPM; Springer), Journal of the Chinese Advanced Materials Society (JCAMS; Taylor & Francis), Journal of Energetic Materials (JEM; Taylor & Francis), Polymers & Polymer Composites (PPC; Smithers Rapra), Current Organic Chemistry (COC; Bentham Science), Key Engineering Materials (KEM; Trans Tech), and The Open Electrochemistry Journal (TOEJ; Bentham Science), and American Journal of Environmental Science (AJES; Science publications). In 2014, the Union further participated in the organization of the 8th International Conference on Molecular Imprinting (MIP2014), which has been proven again as a great success! The world-renowned publication Journal of Molecular Recognition (JMR; Wiley-VCH) along with a few well-known publications have supported this conference. The Wanfang Data and the China National Knowledge Infrastructure have included and indexed all of the conference abstracts.

As an open and developing academic society, the Union is rapidly going forward under the guidance of scientific development theory. It will positively involve in a variety of international academics and activities, vigorously promoting the development of advanced materials worldwide. >>>>>Click here to 【BBS Forum

Solemn declaration:

The International Union of Advanced Materials is a Hong Kong-registered nonprofit academic society. This nonprofit academic society will never be charged for any purpose in any name or any member fee, nor engage in any commercial activities and advertising practices. All activities initiated by the International Union of Advanced Materials will be subject to a pre-approval by the local authorities. Any activity under the banner of the International Union of Advanced Materials concerning deception, fraud or fee will have nothing to do with this society. Hereby declare!

Memorabilia for the International Union of Advanced Materials:

In 2011, the Society members launched a forum of the "International Congress on Advanced Materials" (AM2011) in Jinan City, China, with the participation of scientists from 19 countries and regions around the world. After that, the Society regularly runs the international congress on advanced materials. So far, about 1800 researchers have attended the early three conferences. The Society presents one of the most influential conference forums in the field of advanced materials across the world, yet. These conferences has been noted by the Nature Publishing Group (2016), Marie Curie Alumni Association (2013), China Central Television (2013), Society for Molecular Imprinting (2014), Science and Technology Daily and otherreports.

In 2012, the Society "International Union of Advanced Materials" was officially registered in Hong Kong, which was launched by the scientists from 21 countries and regions around the world. Among the present one-thousand academic members and honorary members, nearly one half of them are from North America, Europe, Africa and neighboring countries in Asia.

In 2013, the Society’s associated journal was founded: i.e., the Journal of the Chinese Advanced Materials Society (ISSN: 2224-3682) was founded in association with Taylor & Francis Publishing Group, and the editorial department is located on the campus of Jiangsu-University.

In 2014, the Society reached an agreement with the "China Known Network" and "Wanfang Database", in which the summary of the academic forums and conferences of the"International Congress on Advanced Materials" sponsored by the Society will be excerpted by the "China Known Net" and "Wanfang Database".

The major domain names associated with the International Union of Advanced Materials:

【International Union of Advanced Materials】http://www.iuam.org/

【BBS forum for the Union】http://cams.xclub.cn

【IUAM-recommended JCAMS】http://www.tandfonline.com/tadm

【JCAMS online submission system】http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/jcams

【IUAM member: CAMS】http://www.thecams.org

【Email box for the Union】http://mail.qq.com/domain/iuam.org

【Other domains associated with the Union】http://domain.mail.qq.com/

Initiated or involved relevant academic conferences:

【The 3rd International Congress on Advanced Materials】http://www.advmat2016.com/home.php

【The 2nd International Congress on Advanced Materials】http://am2013.ujs.edu.cn/pub/cms/

【The 8th International Conference on Molecular Imprinting】http://mip2014.ujs.edu.cn/pub/cms/

【The 1st International Congress on Advanced Materials】http://am2011.ujn.edu.cn/

Academic QQ group number associated with the Union: 205787013